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Testimonys from our Puppy Owners

Dear Dr. Dellinger,

Here is our first GSP pup, Max. This dog is by far the best natural retriever! This GSP was steadied up at a early age and has remained steady for 10 years! He is my personal gun dog and favorite dog on wild birds. He has provided quail dinner on many occassions!

*The GSP pups your putting on the ground are highly trainable under various training methods. Their personalities differ but one common trait is they allow a trainer to make mistakes with out causing set backs. This temperment makes them ideal for the client who wants to train their own hunting dog.



Dear Dr. Dellinger,

It has been a pleasure to hunt over your pups! I have attached a picture of Katie. This GSP earned Senior and Master Hunter titles, recognized as Retrieving Dog Excellence by the GSPCA, NAVHDA Utility Title and Qualified for GSP Field Trial Nationals prior to her 4 year old birthday. It has been a pleasure to own such a nice hunting companion.



Dear Dr. Dellinger,

It has been a pleasure to own & train a couple of your brittany pups! I have attached a picture of Diesel! This brittany has amazing prey drive and natural ability. He was recognized at a field trial for his amazing ability to honor a brace mate on point over 1/8 of a mile away. The brittany does am amazing job in the duck blind. Our NAVHDA Utility Title confirms this statement.



Dear Wilbur

The best thing about your dogs is their consistency. They are ideal for a walking hunter (especially an older one like me). Mine do it all from quail, pheasant, partridge, chukkar, and even ducks as long as it's not too cold for a Southerner.

Stephen Mallon, MD


Dear Dr. Dellinger,

I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful dog. We have had Salto for two years now and wow we could not have gotten a better all around dog. He is calm enough to not drive us crazy, but still plays great with the kids. The smile on their faces when he climbs on the couch to lay with them is priceless. We have since moved to Ohio and Cliff is starting to take him out in the field and his instinct for hunting has really kicked in. Although he definetly knows the difference between home and the field. Thank you again for such a wonderful dog. Thank you.

Tricia Sulham


Dear Dr. Dellinger,

I haven't thanked you in a while for producing such a great puppy. THANK YOU!!

You told me when we picked Delilah up 3 years ago " a puppy is like a bank account". Well, I have to tell you, we are getting one hell of a return on our investment!!! It hasn't been easy but it has been fun watching her develop into such a fine pet, companion and top quality gun dog. Like Brenda Roe told me a little while back, " she is what everybody is looking for".

I was paid the ultimate complement this weekend while working her out at the horse farm. Our farrier, a man of few words who is an accomplished bird hunter and dog man came up and handed me a blank check with delilah's name on it and asked, "how much?" I chuckled, appreciating the complement and gave him the answer he already knew. He got very serious and said " take care of her, she is very special. A man goes through a lot of dogs to get one like that."

Doc, I appreciate what I have. Yes, we have put a lot of time and effort into her, but no investment pays off like that unless it is built on a solid foundation, and at the center of that foundation is a giant heart bursting with desire and a ton of natural ability. You and I both know you can't teach that!!

Thanks again.



Dear Dr. Dellinger,

I am sending you a photo of a pup that I bought from you 2 years ago. He is a male of out Jake and Bee. His name is Bennie. I have been very pleased with him. In the last 2 seasons he has been hunted over a variety of upland birds. His record at the present is as follows :

Grouse - hunted, pointed, flushed 12. Woodcock - Hunted, pointed, flushed 15. Bennie was only 8 months old at the time(this was in U P Michigan prior to season opener. We had to return to GA a little sooner than planned.) Quail- Hunted, pointed, flushed , retrieved 25. Chukar- Hunted, pointed, flushed, retrieved 30. Duck- retrieved 8 cripple ducks. (this was done durring training)

**Turkey** - While out for a run one day, Bennie went on point along the edge of the field. I got off the 4 wheeler to go over and see how many quail would flush. To my surprise, a Tom flushed, and for some reason Bennie broke and caught the Tom by the tail. I immediately started shouting NO NO NO. I was afraid the Tom would spur him in the eyes. This struggle went on for about 10 seconds. After shouting No, I though of a baked turkey sitting on the table. As soon as the though of helping out my struggling GSP the tail feathers came loose and he flew over the fence and was gone. Bennie was so proud of himself. He delivered to hand the tail feathers that broke loose. That poor Tom only had about 10% of his "fan" left. No doubt he was going to have a hard time impressing the hens during mating season.

Todd Harvey


Dear Dr. Dellinger,

Well things are good here in The Carmen Mountains in Mexico. We got some rain and we are very happy to see thigns coming back to life.

The shorthair is doing fantastic and she did a great job with the blood trails this winter. A lot of happy bow hunters, one even gave her a $100 tip for food and goodies! We are stating to work on the birds next month.

Dr. We are very interested in getting a that male liver short hair from you. However the trip for two to Georgia and buying off the dog is a little out of our budget.

If you would like we could work out a deal for the trip for you and your wife for a five day stay and two bird turkey hunt in the Carmen Mountians next opening season. It would be a pleasure to hunt with you Dr.

Here in good old Mexico we can have a five day stay filled with good traditional mexican food, good company, good hunting and some fantastic mountain country!

We would pick you up in Del Rio Texas and take you to and from the ranch, no need to worry about Guns and permits we would supply the guns in the Ranch!

Thank you!

Fernando Holschneider


Dear Dr. Wilbur Dellinger,

I purchased 2 puppies from you almost a year ago. The puppy I kept for myself was a female who is almost solid liver in color. Her registered name is Morning Creek Wildfire Sue, and I call her Kate. Her parents were Jake and Bee.

I wanted to write to you and tell you how happy I am with my dog. Yesterday was her first birthday and kate is performing, both on and off the field, as well as I could have imagined. She has been training at the quail plantation in Southwest Georgia. A place where she hunts 4 to 5 days a week and will have the opportunity to see thousands of birds before her season is over. She has hever had to ear an electric color and she holds points steady, in some cases for more than 5 minutes. She has a terrific nose, and she retrieves as good as any dog I have seen. I have had the opportunity to hunt over her 5 times now and I have been delighted by her progress to date. I have believe she is going to make a fine birddog.

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful dogs and tell you how well they are doing.

Jamie Hamilton


Dear Doc,

I work a lot of young shorthairs from your kennel, some brittanys too. You are doing a excellent job producing personal shooting dogs for serious bird hunters, I enjoy training them. I am working with a year old female now that has all the tools to go on and make a top notch trial dog, she is class running and on point. Keep up the good work.
Maurice Lindley



Dr. Wilbur Dellinger and his wife, Bevelyn are two of the most reputable individuals I have ever encountered. This is the way they operated their veterinarian hospital for many years and this is the way they are as a breeders of dogs. You can ask around and most people will tell you the Dellingers mean what they say and are honest to a fault. What Dr. Dellinger promises is what you are going to get.

If you are considering buying a dog from Dr. Dellinger you are not buying from a backyard breeder but from a retired veterinarian, hunter and lifelong outdoor enthusiast who has a great understanding of the companion hunting dogs. You can ask him questions, and visit with him and Bevelyn while examining the dogs. That is what I did many years ago when I bought my first German Shorthaired Pointer from them. Through the years I have had several “Dellinger” dogs and the qualities that he breeds for in his dogs are what make it so that "his" dogs are the only dogs I have owned. 

 My dogs have been great loyal pets—first--and have done some fine things in the field. A little story I can tell is about my second shorthair "Java". I bought him from the Dellingers back in 2000. On a nice fall morning a few years back I took Java to an AKC field trial. He ran all over the course with as much desire to hunt as any dog could show. He ended up winning the trial with 6 staunch finds and a perfect retrieve in the call back. Later that evening I decided to go fishing and took Java with me. He obediently sat on the bank of the lake with his head between his paws and watched attentively as I threw cast after cast. I could not imagine having a more faithful and true companion to accompany through the years such as he has. This is just one of many stories I can tell when it come to “Dellingers” dogs. 

J.P Weber